Action Alerts

Each week, we will post several actions you can take in the upcoming week. These actions are coordinated with the greater Austin area groups, as well as with the national groups. As always, choose one or more as your interest and energy allow.

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We need your ACA Stories!

Wilco Indivisible representatives will be visiting Cruz and Cornyn's offices on the 29th and 30th.

We'd love to bring 100 letters from our group to hand over to the staff about the ACA. Personal stories are always best, but anything will work.

Submit your ACA stories here by 6/29.



We’re still fighting Trumpcare, every single day this week, and next week, because a vote is very likely to happen in the Senate by June 30. We need to draw on our reserves and keep making those calls to Senators Cruz and Cornyn.

We’re also asking you to share your stories with the Senators. For example, how would losing Medicaid — and the Senate’s version of the bill is all about killing Medicaid — affect you or someone you know? Or perhaps you have a family member affected by the opioid crisis, which would be far worse without the ACA?

We’ve set up a tool to begin collecting your stories. This week we’ll begin publishing those stories, to let Cruz ad Cornyn know how their vote will hurt Texans. (Email if you can help with this project.)

We also encourage you to deliver handwritten letters and postcards to both senators’ offices this week. Hold letter-writing parties and collect as many stories as you can. Then schedule time (or just show up!) to deliver the stack.

We have power in numbers and it’s time to use it.

#2 Tuesday, June 20, Share your healthcare stories to stop Trumpcare

Protect Our Care - Story Submissions

#3 Wednesday, June 21, Share your healthcare stories to stop Trumpcare

Protect Our Care - Story Submissions

#4 Thursday, June 22, 11 a.m. Indivisible Austin Women’s Lunchtime Coffee Meetup

New World Deli, 4101 Guadalupe St

Back by popular demand! The Indivisible Women’s Lunchtime Coffee Meetup is now coming to you monthly. This is intended as a safe space to get to know each other, network, discuss our activism activities, check in about how we’re holding up, and see if we can offer help, resources, and connections for our various resistance activities. This will be a facilitated discussion and every attempt will be made to make sure everyone attending has a chance to be heard and offer their thoughts, struggles, questions, etc.

#5 Thursday June 22, 2 p.m. Stop Trumpcare at Senator Cruz’s Office

Sponsored by TX-10 Indivisible:

Sen. Cruz’s Central Austin Office

J.J Pickle Federal Building

300 E 8th

Suite 961

Austin, TX 78701

(Please meet in the Plaza in the back of the building. The entrance is through a large black gate on the west side of the building off San Jacinto and 9th.)


St. David’s at the corner of Trinity & 8th has a public parking garage. That is an option if you can’t find street parking.


Write a personal letter about how the ACA has impacted your life. Include your concerns about Trumpcare and backdoor dealings. Bring the letter to read out loud or simply hand it to the senator’s staffer. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to, supporting others is just as important. Bring a relevant protest sign. Bring your friends!!! Bring your children and babies!!!! Get the word out. We need BIG NUMBERS in attendance!!

#6 Thursday June 22, 6 p.m. TX Legislative Update & Organizing for the Special Session

Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, 1156 Hargrave St, Austin, TX

Join State Representatives Eddie Rodriguez, Donna Howard, Celia Israel, and Gina Hinojosa for a follow-up to the “2017: What’s Next?” community engagement forum held in January.

The event will begin with a recap of the 85th Legislative Session, including a discussion about attacks on Austin’s local control, school finance reform, the biennial budget, SB 4 (the “sanctuary cities ban”), women’s health and more.

After the legislative update, your local lawmakers will discuss the upcoming “special session” to begin on July 18th with a focus on how the community can resist the misplaced priorities that will dominate the session and your representatives’ plans to advance good public policy.

At least 3 of the items that will be addressed are directly targeted at Austin – we will have to work together to protect our community and preserve the city we know and love.

Questions? Please contact Rep. Eddie Rodriguez’s office at or call (512) 463-0674">(512) 463-0674.

#7 Friday June 23, 4:30 to 6 p.m. Fredericksburg – Save Our Healthcare Rally

Marktplatz (Market Square), 126 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX

TX21 Indivisible is hosting the Save Our Healthcare Rally on June 23 at the Fredericksburg Marketplatz in the center of town. The event will begin promptly at 4:30 PM and end at 6:00 PM.

The Trump Administration and Congress are attempting to rush his legislation through passage because they do not want scrutiny and informed criticism of their harmful actions. Unfortunately, the coalition of the far-right has the upper hand and our nation’s health is at risk. Healthcare is the ultimate nonpartisan issue and attacks on preexisting conditions, Medicaid, older Americans, and Planned Parenthood could eliminate healthcare for 23 million people. We must make it clear that we are watching, angry with their tactics, and will not be silent.

Here are two things you can do to help magnify our message:

Make signs that express your thoughts about rejecting AHCA and instead making ACA better — join our street-side protest

Consider telling your personal healthcare story to our rally audience or allowing us to video your telling. See examples here: Healthcare Testimonials. If you wish to participate, please contact:

#8 Saturday June 24, 1 to 5 p.m. Come on Down to the Indivisible Central Texas Roundup and Town Hall with Ezra Levin!

ACC Eastview Campus 3401 Webberville Road

Bldg. 8500

Austin, TX 78702

Tickets: $20. RSVP here.

Indivisible groups in Central Texas have become POWERHOUSES of activism. We want to celebrate all that you’ve done, and build for the future. So we’re excited to invite y’all to come on down for the Indivisible Central Texas Roundup with our special guest Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of The Indivisible Project!

The Roundup includes an afternoon of learning, networking, and recharging for Indivisible group leaders, super-volunteers, and passionate supporters – folks who are very engaged in their local Indivisible groups and ready to take their activism to the next level. Our learning sessions will be followed by a Town Hall (ticketed and open to the public).

#9 Saturday June 24, 5:30 p.m. Indivisible Austin No Hate Happy Hour!

On June 17, one of our members was targeted for abuse by a group of white supremacists and their car was vandalized. In response, we’re holding a “No Hate Happy Hour” at Scholz Garten, which is where the incident took place.

Scholz Garten is well-known as the home of Texas progressive social gatherings, and Indivisible Austin will not stand by while bigots turn it into a home for hate groups. We have decided to carry on with our previously scheduled happy hour there next Saturday at 5:30 p.m. If you plan on coming, please show your solidarity with an Indivisible or other progressive t-shirt.

RSVP now for our No Hate Happy Hour at Scholz Garten!

#10 Sunday June 25, 2 to 5 p.m. Community Event: Greenpeace Summer of Resistance Screening

Apache Shores Event Hall

14919 General Williamson Dr.

On June 25th, thousands across the country will gather to join Greenpeace for the Summer of Resistance kickoff webcast. Communities will gather locally to watch the webcast to learn about non-violent, creative resistance and how to take our resistance to the next level.

For more action ideas, check out the Indivisible Action Calendar