Action Alerts

Each week, we will post several actions you can take in the upcoming week. These actions are coordinated with the greater Austin area groups, as well as with the national groups. As always, choose one or more as your interest and energy allow.

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#1 ALL WEEK: Email Sen. John Cornyn Your ACA Story

Sen. Cornyn sent an email asking for Texans to share their ACA stories. This is from his newsletter:

Health care affects each and every Texan’s life. As the United States Senate continues the process of replacing President Obama’s healthcare law, I want to hear about your experiences and how we can do better.

Texans across our state have told me that under Obamacare, they haven’t been able to keep their doctors, plans have disappeared, and high deductibles and double-digit premium hikes have made coverage unaffordable.

But, I’d like to hear from you. Let me know how Obamacare has impacted your family, your loved ones, or your business by replying to this email. As Congress crafts a new health care law, I want to be sure your voice is included in the conversation.

You can send your stories to with the subject “Tell Me Your Obamacare Story”.

#2 ALL WEEK: Get ready to stake out Sen. John Cornyn’s offices until he can provide answers on Russia

This is a statewide action, so please spread the word outside of Austin. Here’s how it works:


Connect with your local Indivisible group to sponsor a shift at one of Sen. Cornyn’s six offices, May 30 – June 2

If you need help finding a group, or want to sponsor a stakeout, email

If you can’t come to the stakeout, call Sen. Cornyn and ask why he recommended an independent investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails but won’t do the same for Russian election interference.

#3 Tuesday, May 16, 12:15 p.m. Press Conference: Show Your Support for Litigation against SB4


What: City council members, county commissioners, state legislators, and grassroots organizations from all of Texas’ major metropolitan areas will announce their support for litigation against the State of Texas to stop the unconstitutional and anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4, signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on May 7th.

Who: Elected officials from Texas cities and community organizations.

When: Tuesday, May 16th at 12:15pm CST

Where: Texas State Capitol South Steps, 1100 Congress Ave, Austin,Tx

#4 Tuesday May 16, 1:30 to 3 p.m. Die-In at Sen. Cruz’s Office: R.I.P. = Republican Insurance Plan

The AHCA passed the House last week and now goes to the Senate for review. Let’s show Senator Cruz exactly how we feel about Trumpcare and the number of lives this bill will impact.

Bring your STORIES! Do you (someone you know) rely on the ACA? How will the changes affect your friends/loved ones? Write a letter and bring it with you.

Come with PROPS for visual effect – tombstones, RIP signs, etc. This is a die-in format which means we want to be dramatic with our props. WEAR BLACK. The AHCA will impact access to care for millions and lives are at risk.

It’s recommended you bring a yoga mat or blanket to put on the ground. For those able, we will lie down to reinforce the dying effect.

Hosted by Indivisible Rosedale Huddle.

Facebook Event

#5 Wednesday, May 17, All Day. Contact the FCC and Congress and tell them not to change Net Neutrality rules

Tomorrow, May 18, the FCC will vote on whether to roll back Obama-era Net Netrality rules.

FCC Contact Info:

Toll-Free Voice:

1-888-CALL FCC (225-5322)

Toll-Free TTY:

1-888-TELL FCC (835-5322)

Toll-Free Fax:

(888) 418-0232">1-(888) 418-0232

Here’s a script from Celeste Pewter:

To the FCC:

You: Hi, my name is [name]. I’m calling from [zip code].

You: I am calling to state that I do NOT want the FCC to change net neutrality rules. A change in rules would take away our freedom on the internet, and negatively impact individual constituents and small businesses alike.

You: I am asking the FCC board to vote NO on May 18th. Thank you and have a good day.

To your MoC/Senator:

You: Hi, my name is [name]. I’m calling from [zip code].

You: I am calling to ask that [MoC/Senator] take a stand against changes to net neutrality rules.

You: A change in rules would take away our freedom on the internet, and negatively impact individual constituents and small businesses alike, and I think it is important that [MoC/Senator] speak out in advance of May 18th, and fight any attempts to change these rules.

You: Can I count on [MoC/Senator] to respect the freedom of the internet?

If yes: Great, thank you and have a good day!

If no: I strongly ask [MoC/Senator] to consider the impact of these changes. This would negatively impact the share of information and ideas that have helped the United States lead the way in internet information and entrepreneurship. Thanks and have a good day!

Much more detail is available on Celeste Pewter’s “It’s Time to Fight” website

#6 Thursday, May 18 COME TO OUR GENERAL MEETING!!!

6 to 9 p.m. Wilco Indivisible VDR Training and General Meeting

United Christian Church, 3500 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78727

6 p.m. (Registration Required) Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training

7 p.m. General meeting. Our focus will be voting rights and gerrymandering. Pre-meeting session for VDR training starts at 6. Speakers about gerrymandering TBD. We will likely also have progressive candidates on hand. For more information:

#7 Thursday May 18, 8 to 9 p.m. Webcast from the Backbone Campaign: “Love Wins – Grand Strategy in a Battle of Paradigms”

Bill Moyer of Backbone Campaign, veteran “artful activist” and sought-after activism trainer, will be doing a free webcast training especially for Texas Resistance groups this Thursday at 7pm. Bill has been fighting for progressive values for 14 years and has much wisdom about theory of change, strategy and tactics, and fun direct actions to share with us.

For more action ideas, check out the Indivisible Action Calendar