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Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays. Happy New Year!

Did you know that Texas holds the first primary in the nation? Here are important dates to know:

February 5 – last day to register to vote in the primary

February 20 to March 2 – Early voting

March 6 – Election Day!

Watch this space for more information on candidates and voting rights as we shift into election mode. There are also tons of new resources from the Indivisible Project at


Tell your MoCs to Vote NO on any spending bill that leaves children and DREAMers behind

Republican leadership in the House—patting themselves on the back for passing a tax bill to benefit the wealthy while failing to reach a deal on DREAM or provide stability for CHIP—extended their holiday vacation for a week.

That means our Representatives will return to DC with only eight working days to reach a real spending deal that addresses these vital needs.

Tell leadership of both parties: “A funding bill that neglects the health of children and the security of DREAMers is unacceptable. Vote NO on any spending bill that leaves children and DREAMers behind.”

Demand your MoCs take the DREAMer Pledge


Tell Congress to provide long-term stability for CHIP

Congress did the absolute bare minimum by providing only a few weeks’ extra funding for CHIP. This type of reckless, stop-and-go funding threatens the health of children and pregnant women across the country.

Call your MoCs in both the House and Senate and tell them to fund the CHIP program before more Texas children and pregnant women lose coverage.

Read: 30+ Texas Health Groups Send Urgent CHIP letter to Washington

For more action ideas, check out the Indivisible Action Calendar